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Hello, is an online learning platform. It may be right for you if you are looking for the following:

  1. Want to improve some of your 10 Finger Typing skills?
  2. Are you a parent looking for useful and safe online learning content for your child?


Courses you can find at

We currently have the following courses:

  1. Keyboard Typing (Free and Paid)
  2. English pronunciation skills (Free)

In the future, we continue to develop more content to help elementary students strengthen their general knowledge and learn the knowledge and skills outside of school to easily adapt to the future.

If you are looking for an online learning environment like the one above, we believe that KidsCanDo is both a learning resource and a suitable skill training environment for you or your child to succeed in the future.

In order to use effectively, please read this content in its entirety!


  1. How to register an account for you
  2. How to register your child's account


  1. How to register an account for you
  2. How to register your child's account


  1. My course list
  2. Access a course
  3. Go to an English Reading Course
  4. Go to a Typing course
  5. List of lessons


1) Access landing page

2) Sign Up

3) Verify Email.

Congratulations! You could start learning now

4) Login & Use it


1) Search for course at

2) Choose a course & press on "Buy Now"

             - Choose period options, Each option has price respectively.

             - Select "Trial" if you want to do trial before purchasing.

3) Choose users

4) Update coupon if you have

5) Process Payment via Paypal.

Once completing payment, you could access the course now.


1) Access My Learning to see course you purchased

2) Choose a course & Press Study now